Pizza Company Dominos Negligence

Delivery is guaranteed in 30 minutes or less. The picture of pizza company Dominos, which claims this, is in discussion these days. Photos of such that will make you goosebumps.

This picture, which is trending on Twitter, has been shared by a customer of Dominos. The picture is of a Terminus outlet in Bangalore with cleaning products hanging over a tray of pizza dough. Along with this, the brush, mop and cloth used in the toilet were hanging on the wall and a tray of flour is kept just below it.

Dominos is a pizza food company that boasts of fast pizza

Trend On Twitter

Dominos is a pizza food company that boasts of fast pizza delivery and has many outlets around the world. Sub customers didn’t even expect such carelessness from Domino’s.

Well, after this many people on Twitter started voicing their opinion on the post and finally Domino’s replied to their customers on Twitter that we follow strict protocol of cleanliness and safety. Its violation will be investigated, and Action will also be taken based on the findings.

Rest assured we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, Dominos said. Seeing these pictures, one’s mind will be confused whether to eat Domino’s Pizza now or not,

Domino’s Pizza is Everywhere

Because whether it is a meeting of friends in the morning and afternoon, whether it is an office party, family time or even midnight pizza is remembered, pizza anytime, anywhere. Likes to order quick and eat fast.

Dominos is a pizza food company that boasts of fast pizza

But after seeing this news related to Dominos, now Faisal lovers have definitely got a shock. What is your reaction to this video? Will definitely let us know in the comment section. Also subscribe for more such videos. Your youtube channel till date.

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