Will Google Allow Fantasy Apps

Do you know that now on Google Play Store? Which is this lovely app. This is fantasy cricket. Play to win Which earlier all these applications were not available on the Play Store.

I wish you 2 days There are many such people in my extended family who put ₹ 70,000 ₹ 60,000 on apps. Not that much has happened. They are giving such greed to the children. Won this nail two. This boy won ₹15,00,000.

Means what is that fan TC cricket game fancy cricket? In this, you make the entire team according to you, make the team and if the real match is going on, as I go, whoever wins, then you get the pool price.

There are also some rummy games that involve the skill of cards. You have to play cards. Somebody does not involve money, then some of my money is involved. Kind of like gambling.

Game of skill or a game of chance? Game of chance

There is a lot of controversy here too whether it is a game of skill or a game of chance? Game of chance means with whom do you win, you gamble and there is a game of skill in which you apply your skill, in which you see that yes I will make this player, then I will do it in such a way that your skin is feeling. is it, isn’t it? If you are using a skill, people allow it, but the game of chance is gambling.

It is not considered ethically correct

It is not considered ethically correct and cannot be a part of any civilized society or an everyday thing. There are different opinions on this too. There are different rules of the government but things are going on and but most of these things were not available on place two. All these apps, you can go to their website and enter the app or enter your number, you get the link.

Then you put and install and use, invest money in it, when the money comes, lakhs lost lakhs, lost 60,000 lost 70,000 came 70,000 I have a cousin in my house, he lost. Now Google Play Store is going to allow it. Sa pilot project sitam. Take from

From now till September 28 next year, till September 28 next year, he will see her for 1 year and he has started taking appeals. Now here’s an idea of ​​what’s going on from the local developer. Under the guise of this, many people will make such wrong own casinos and their own colors. Will take people’s money. We will go. This happens a lot.

Deadly lives have happened before because they are not trusted. But Google will allow it on its platform, then it will ask for all the legal documents and in whose name the company is registered, it asks for all the information, then Google will have to take care of a lot of security measures.

And then it is better if he does it. Look in my eyes, let me say this, I do not care about anyone. Which company does what is bad value and what is not? But let me tell you that because of this neither the children were harmed much.

Meaning, people will invest their money in their house, just like people used to invest money in games like PUBG. So the money that you will come to double, only for 35 games of cricket or playing cards, children will lose a lot of money in it, family members will be very sad and very big people also invest this money, gamble. Look if it is yours, you play for fun but never make it a profession and I am getting worried too much.

What About Future

Made me very concerned about that thing.
If it comes on play store then it will be very mainstream. May it not happen that every other child in our house continues to play rummy. Keep playing fantasy cricket and the children of other countries should go ahead by reading and writing. There is a shortcut to earn money here, it is a very bad thing and if someone gets addicted to gambling once, then it is very bad, it does not leave.

Even people’s household utensils are sold, for gambling, we have a saying here that gambling is neither good nor defeat. If you lose, you lose again, but if you win, you keep playing until you lose.

This is a very bad addiction, it should be stayed away from it. These many things are getting normalized. Let me tell you that our very big cricketers, our very big celebrities, many such people of Bollywood, whom I do not even call celebrities, are also promoting these things. Be it paan, tobacco. Be it pan masala or rummy or all this.

Those who are not trusted things can be played for fun. Do not spend this much money at all and I told you that now Google Play Store is going to bring these things as its pilot project.

What is your opinion about these things? Have you ever invested money in such things? Have you ever made any money from it? Have you lost any money? If you can tell more better then definitely share your opinion. Comment person Comment section so that people who get to know me also get to know whether it is the truth of these things, have you become a millionaire

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